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miércoles, 18 de abril de 2007

Blogers Visited

hi mis fiends congratulations for yours blogers its great in general



Thanks to this project we could know but of this idiome of an amused form but, which I facilitate the task of learning without difficulty I hope has pleased thanks to them.

martes, 17 de abril de 2007

My Best Friend

Hello this is my friend Ivette Villalobos she's from Maracaibo,originally. She's a student mass media school in URBE. She lives in Haticos.She love music, dancing, talk on the phone and go out with friends.She hates the lies, injustice and smoking.Her dream is to travel around the world and lean about differencecultures of course, she wants to graduate and have a good job.About English, she loves Lear new languages, think is very important.

My Opinion

My opinion about English is very good. English is very important forwork. I think listen to music and watch TV in English. It's a goodexercise. I also chat on the internet and surfing the net. I camwrite well. But I need to practice more. I cam make a lot of friendsand practice speaking in this class.


Hi, my name's is Jose Villa. But everybody calls me ¨Carmelo¨, I'mfrom Maracaibo originally.I'm 18 years old and I study mass media at URBE, I live in Maracaiboin Pomona.
I love music, my favorite is pop rock, I like dancing, studyingEnglish, I love party, movies, my family, eat pizza and fruit. Myfavorite color is orange and blue, and goes to gym.
I hate smoking, violence, war, injustice, washing the dishes,alcohols, lies, onions, and getting up early on the weekend.
My dream is to graduate from mass media school in URBE. Working,travel around the world; I also want to lean to speak English andFrench.I work in a called television channel NCTV channel 11

Unit 14. the things that I usually do on weekend

My last weekendFriday:

v In the morning, I went to the university and did some work.

v In the afternoon, I took a shower, had lunch and went out to visit some friend for studying together.

v In the night, I had dinner with my family and went to sleep.


v In the morning, I helped my mother to clean the house and set my room up.

v In the afternoon, I go to make my program of television live.

v In the night, I went to Carolina’s birthday party and when it finished I came back home to sleep.


v In the morning, I went to the church with my family

v In the afternoon, I played baseball with my little brother and some friends of him.

v In the night, I ate a piece of cake made by mother and father, watched some films and went to sleep.

Celebrations. (The Carnivale)

February we celebrate carnival.

Carnival is my favourite because in my country, the people are taking a break in the mountain, in party, beach. During the days of Carnival this internationally well-known fairis made in the city of Merida, whose origin is related to thecelebration which they become the month of December, in commemorationto the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception rains forcedto change the celebration of the date, with which as of 1967 itbegins along with to be made in February the carnivals of thelocality.The Fair of the Sun includes varied activities very, like run ofbulls, cattle exhibition of step horses, exhibitions and of painting,popular dances, fishtailed bulls and sale of typical crafts of theregion.Nevertheless, which cannot lack in this date are the bullfightsof bulls that constitute a tradition. Annually, great national andinternational figures of the brave celebration are invited, todelight to the fanatics with their art in the Monumental Seat RomanEduardo Sandia, inaugurated in 1967.In addition, flavourful meals and drinks are prepared so that theattending public benefit of the Andean flavour.It is possible to emphasize that within the framework of thiscelebration sport matches and literary activities become, theatre,photographic and musical.Something interesting of this celebration is that although thecentral spectacle is in the State Capital, the other municipalitiestake advantage of the opportunity to organize events, aids andactivities to entertain all the families of the locality.It is a festival that presents/displays the diverse activities,and than it is not possible to be let experiment when Merida isvisited. Thank people.